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Who We Are

We provide companies and professionals with solutions for the ever changing workforce through talent development, high-impact career coaching, elite resume writing, and interview preparation.


Developing talent is a strategic way to promote and accelerate professional growth. When your team has the resources they need to succeed, everyone wins. At She Assists, we help your organization win through an array of comprehensive talent development services. 


We help high-achieving professionals reach the next level in their career by providing high impact coaching and strategic support  which results in fulfillment and MORE MONEY.

We do this using our EEE framework. 


Many professionals find themselves stuck during career advancement, but with strategy, you can accelerate your path to success—without compromising yourself along the way.

You keep telling yourself that the next of your career level will just fall into your lap, but the truth is—it won't.

Do you feel trapped? Are you searching for a way out?

Are you tired of choosing between your peace of mind and a paycheck? You deserve to live the life that's most important to YOU.

Are you just ready for the next level in your career and don't know where to start?

It's time to take control of your career and create one you love. we are here to help.

We are a good fit to work together if:

You want to do something that makes you feel fulfilled.

You are eager and determined to achieve your goals.

You want to become fluent in big-money talk and be paid your worth.

You are willing to do the hard work that other professionals will not do.

OUR Promise TO YOU

No matter what challenges you're facing in your career, we CAN help you step into a place of clarity and fulfillment with our high impact career services. 

About  Me
I'm Demisha Jennings

Talent Development Expert, Career Strategist, and Certified Resume Writer

I have spent that last decade working with companies and professionals in all things career related. During that time,  I have seen companies lose TOP talent. I have also seen professionals overwork themselves, remain stagnant, and disregard their boundaries. 

What I've come to realize is that companies need to focus more on developing their talent and professionals need strategic guidance.

That's why I decided to start my own business—empowering companies and professionals to stay relevant in the ever changing workforce. Since then, I've partnered with number two company on the fortune 500 list (Amazon) and served thousands of professionals globally.

I'd love to serve you and/or your organization as well!

Success Stories

I receive LinkedIn notifications almost daily stating that I'm getting noticed. I did get a job just from the HR recruiter looking at my LinkedIn profile and resume. I did an interview and was told that I would be scheduled for the second interview. The very next day the company called me and offered me the job. You have a proven system that is very effective to get the attention of companies looking for high valued employees. I thank you for all that you have done to assist me with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I would recommend anyone to you!!!



Demisha rewrote my resume to highlight management skills and move me away from tax specific positions. I was able to move from a Manager of tax to a Chief Financial Officer of a Library system.



         Demisha, she took my 1989 format resume and gave it a fresh new look that I love, she explains the changes to you and answers your questions. Well worth my investment, and I am much more confident that my skills that I have acquired over the years are presented in a wonderful way that makes me stand out. Your help landed me 5 interviews, and 2 job offers. I’m now happily employed.