I am Demisha Jennings, founder and owner of She Assists, LLC.  I am a result-driven Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) whose forte lies in creating the most attractive resumes for clients. Working in this field for eight years, my expertise cuts across a broad range of industries, giving me a wealth of knowledge. My creativity coupled with my passion for helping people succeed has kept me productive over the years. I am passionate about creating a cohesive resume that establishes powerhouse executives' backgrounds in a professional manner.


Not only am I an exceptional resume writer; I have reviewed thousands of resumes throughout my career, while working in a hiring capacity, helping thousands of professionals get hired. Without a doubt, I understand what it takes to get clients noticed.

I know the ingredients of an engaging, effective resume that purveys credibility. My diverse clientele has broadened my knowledge of my work, keeping me well informed on various industries. I have developed a keen insight into what employers look for in today’s competitive job market.

I create a compelling narrative to showcase a client’s specific proposition value to prospective employers.  I know the urgency of being proactive in creating a game-changing resume.

Moreover, I love assisting people to win and land pivotal positions by showcasing their entire career story in one piece. My guidance is concise and logical, utilizing many of the standards currently trending in the job marketplace. As an expert in this field, I design a highly creative and effective process to help candidates create their career stories. I recognize the essence of having an outstanding resume and strive to craft highly converting resumes.

I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) through the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. I am a member of the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) as well as Career Directors International (CDI). I have also obtained a badge of honor as an Expert Contributor to the “Ask the Experts” blog featured by the NRWA.  I provide an invaluable service to those who desire a refined resume. Regardless of the industry, I am confident to portray clients as powerhouse professionals. My expert services allow clients to better position themselves for growth and development in their chosen career field.

Demisha Jennings, CPRW
Owner of She Assists, LLC.