Declining a job opportunity in 2020

“Congratulations, you have been offered the position!” is a message that anyone would want to see. Receiving an offer of employment for a job that once would have solved everything should be one of the best feelings a person should have. But, for some, declining a position is an unfortunate decision they have to make.

Declining a job offer can be based on many different reasons: salary, location, the lack of opportunity for growth, or even receiving a better job offer. Regardless of the reason, the professionalism and understanding of delivering the news are what will leave an everlasting impression. 

Here are a few tips for declining a job offer:

  1. Be sure to reach out to the organization immediately! We all know one person who has been offered employment and never informed the organization they would not be moving forward. This becomes an inconvenience to the company, the sooner you let them know, the more rapidly they can fill the position with someone in need.

  2. Do not feel bad about declining the position. Individuals have unnecessary guilt when needing to reject a job. You keep asking yourself: what if they NEED me for the position. Believe me, just as they are not obligated to give you the position after an interview, they are fully prepared for you to say no, possibly.

  3. Show appreciation! Just because your answer is no does not take away the fact the company thought you were an amazing fit for their company. Here is the perfect example you can always use:

To whom it may concern,

Thank you for extending an offer of employment for the ________ position. I appreciate you taking the time to consider me for this role. At this time I have elected to move forward with another organization. 

Best of luck with future interviews. 


Jane Doe

An impression is a first and last opinion you