How to prepare for your performance review

Avoid stress and prepare early – here’s what you need to know when preparing for your performance review.

Preparing for your performance review can be a stressful time of year, however, if you approach it right and prepare in plenty of time, you really have nothing to worry about.

Perform a self-evaluation

Although you may not be asked to do a self-evaluation by your employer, performing a self-evaluation yourself is a great way to prepare yourself for the meeting. While performing this self-evaluation, you want to assess your goals, performance, work ethic, and accomplishments – this is especially important if it’s your first-ever performance review for a new employer.

Ensure to be one-hundred percent honest within your evaluation, this will allow you to prepare for the actual review while providing quick actionable steps to potentially even improving your review.

Once it’s time for the review, you may actually consider bringing in the self-evaluation and showing this to the manager(s). This will show initiative, as well as not being afraid to critically judge and evaluate your own performance – two key points employers love.

Finally, don’t be afraid to discuss any discrepancies between their review and yours, offer insights into your work and ensure to answer every question.

Prepare a list of your work accomplishments

Preparing a list of your work accomplishments is a great preparation for the review meeting. Not only will this be discussed anyways, but this will also provide you a back foot to stand on while structuring your entire argument.

Moreover, be sure to include accomplishments not just from the last few weeks or months, but for the whole review period – providing an outline of how good you really are at your job – don’t be afraid to show it!

Find out what the performance review will entail

What better way to prepare than finding out what will be asked in the review itself. One way to do this is to ask other employers who have perhaps had their review first, look back at last year’s review and see what was asked, or alternatively prepare more broadly for a wider assessment.