Why your resume hasn’t landed you an interview

Don’t let your resume ruin your chances of landing your dream job.

Your resume is supposed to be your chance to shine, to express your burning desire to land whichever job you’re applying for. However, if you’re approaching your resume wrong, chances are you’ve slashed your chances all together and are still waiting back on receiving an interview.

Resumes are a fine-art, they need to be customized exclusively to given jobs. While it would be much quicker to apply for one-hundred jobs with one resume, applying to ten or twenty with tailored resumes increases your chances of landing an interview exponentially.

Therefore, the remainder of this article will discuss key problems and areas of improvement for your resume – perhaps standing in your way of landing an interview with your dream job.

It’s not specific to the job you are applying for

If you’re sending a resume you ought to specify exactly why you should be hired. Use keywords from the job description, almost acting as a reply to why they should hire you. For example, if the employer is looking for candidates with great time management and a strong work ethic (common traits) then convey this – deliver it on a platter to them! If you’re not doing this, your resume probably isn’t even being read, it needs to be as specific and as tailored as possible for each individual job you’re applying for.

You’ve included too much information in your resume

Who knew there was a thing as too much information? Well, unfortunately, it’s true! Your employer doesn’t need to know about your childhood, they need to know key snippets of information which are most relevant to the job you’re applying for – not about a family camping trip when you were six – keep it relevant!

There are simple errors within your resume

If you haven’t proofread your resume, you’re wasting your time. Simple things such as spelling errors, grammar, or poor formatting (ATS COMPLIANT) are most likely ruining your chances of landing an interview. If you can’t spell correctly, why would they hire you? It’s as simple as that, put in the effort and most importantly re-read it once you’ve written it.

You’re applying for the wrong line of work

If you’re applying for roles that require specific qualifications, it’s important to make sure you meet these before applying. Ensure to read the job description thoroughly, making note of the requirements.

Potential red flags